Director Message

Director's Message

Welcome to Revolt Lubricants, a world of innovation and sustainability for all lubricating needs.
We are more than just a supplier of Lubricants & Engine Oils. In fact, we see ourselves as a consultant to help our customers increase their profits.
Our commitment is simple and complete; we provide our customers the finest and most advanced lubricants & greases, expert technical assistance, and unequalled service, before and after purchase.
We offer unique, innovative, creative, and a genuine service that no one else in the industry can claim. Our entire team has worked to build an organization second to none. When you partner with Revolt Lubricant, you’ll experience the “Nothing is Impossible” culture and spirit.
Our measure of success has always been, and always will be, your complete satisfaction with Revolt Lubricant products and services. For those of you who have demonstrated your confidence in the Revolt Lubricant team, I thank you for your patronage.
To ensure success, we believe in hiring people with the right values and specialized experience. If you wish to find out more or engage our manpower solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to have you as a part of the Revolt Lubricant family.

-Dr. Tahir yadav

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