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We are
 an energy user

We aim to be net-zero on emissions generated by all our operations, as well as on emissions associated with the energy we need to power them. Our ambition is that any greenhouse gas emissions from making our products that cannot be avoided – through energy efficiency or using lower-carbon fuel – will be balanced with removal from the atmosphere using technology and nature…


The oil & lubes business was one of the many industries that benefited with the opening of the Indian economy. The market witnessed resurgence as restrictions lifted on the import of base oils, additives and finished lubricants.

The cumulative average growth rate (CAGR) over the past five years has been pegged at 1.5%. While this growth may appear to be modest compared to other categories, it’s more to do with the improved performance of oils and lubes.
With the automobile sector displaying encouraging growth, the lubricant market, too is buoyant. However increased competition and a volatile international market have strained the margins… Automotive lubricants constitute 65% of the total finished lube market (Source: internal data). Of this, the commercial vehicle segment accounts for half of the volume while the passenger car segment – the image builder for lubricant brands – constitutes a mere 7%. The two-wheeler segment, witnessing explosive growth, constitutes about 25%. Agriculture equipment’s, stationary engines and other miscellaneous applications account for the balance 18% of the marke..

Our climate ambition

Revolt is aiming to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050 or sooner.
We intend to meet our customers’ demand for cleaner energy, keeping in pace with society.
We are Revolt Lubricants


Revolt chemicals companies are major suppliers of bulk petrochemicals to large industrial customers. In this section you will find essential information on how to do business with us.


With a global network and a range of services to help you reduce costs and operate more sustainably, the Revolt Fuel Card can help you do business where ever you are.


We need people with passion. People who want to make the future by providing more and cleaner energy solutions. Find your future at Shell.

Our Mission

To be recognised as the Most Innovative Lubricant Brand globally.

Industry Vision

Understanding consumer needs & thereby constantly evolving new technologies which will deliver innovative solutions thereby being constantly in the forefront of the lubricant industry.

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